• European Explorers Project

    Your Task:
    Create a presentation in Google Presentation about your assigned explorer to present to the class.
    How to Accomplish the Task:
    1. Research your assigned explorer. Be sure to keep track of the websites you use. You will have to create a bibliography. You must use at least 3 sources, books or websites.
    2. Answer the following questions:
    a. What is his name?
    b. Provide some biographical information.
    c. For what country did he explore for?
    d. What were the dates of exploration?
    e. What success did he have with his explorations?
    f. How did he get there? What routes did he take?
    g. Provide 2 interesting facts about him

    3. Include images on your slides like, maps, photos, flags etc. Name of the Explorer
The following things are things you should look for while taking notes:
  • Personal Information (Nationality, trade, childhood information-if available, how they became interested in sailing/exploring)
  • Purpose of Expedition(s) (include who was financing the expedition)
  • Travel Route(s) (include the date(s) of the expedition)
  • Results of the Expedition(s) (New trade route, discovery of new land, etc)
  • Importance of this Discovery
  • Other Important facts that you would like to include about this explorer
http://www.facts4me.com/ (login wilder and the pasword is 1234)
http://go.grolier.com/ (home the user is: lpsdes and the password: grolier)